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Search for Shipwrecks


Single-channel Video Installation
6min 30sec

3D Printing Model, Customised Showcase
60 x 100 x 133.5 公分



210317尊彩50493 1.jpg

這個作品呈現藝術家尋找沈船的過程。《綠島鄉誌》記載了⼀艘 19 世紀末的荷蘭沈船,相傳是 1880年左右,滿載糧⻝的荷蘭商船遇⾵浪⽽迷失,在綠島近海擱淺沈沒。當時遺留下的⽶糧⾜夠島⺠吃三年,但三年後所有的耕地荒廢,島⺠在⻘⿈不接的狀況下度過⼀段艱困的⽇⼦。 

在 2013 年,中研院的⽔下考古團隊根據此紀錄,探勘發現「綠島⼀號」沈船。這部影⽚從今⽇的⽩⾊恐怖綠島紀念園區出發(前⾝為收押政治犯的監獄),再由天空潛⼊海底,抵達「綠島⼀號」沈船的考古現場。 

同時藝術家也依據考古報告當中的船⾝尺⼨與歷史⽂件,透過 3D 建模及列印技術製作出想象中的沈船,並陳設在博物館的展⽰櫃中。這些數位建模的不正常塊⾯打破展⽰櫃,呈現了⼀個數位化的想像的過程,是透過當代技術去想像⼀個我們從未經歷的時空。 

This work of art portrays the process of the artist’s search for sunken ships. Green Island Township Chronicle tells the history of a Dutch merchant ship that had run aground and sunk near the shores of Green island in the late 1800s, approximately 1880, fully loaded with provisions. The ship’s load would have sustained the islanders for three entire years, but as all of the arable land on the island were laid to waste three years thereafter, residents of the island endured a considerable period of destitution and distress. In 2013, the underwater archaeology team of Academia Sinica initiated an exploratory survey based on these records, and discovered a sunken ship that has since been named “Green Island No. 1.” This video begins with views of the Green Island White Terror Memorial Park of today (previously a penitentiary for political prisoners) before diving from the sky into the sea and arriving at the excavation site of the sunken “Green Island No. 1.” 


At the same time, the artist has also constructed a replica of the sunken ship using 3D modelling and printing technology based on the hull dimensions specified in the survey reports and historical documents, and display the model within the customized showcase. The irregular facets of the digital model protrude from out of the display cases, representing a digitalized imaginative process of delineating unlived moments in history using contemporary technology.

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