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Mineral Crafts



Five-channel video installation





Jinguashi is recognised for its gold and copper mines, and the subject of Mineral Crafts is copper. The work connects the geographical features of Jinguashi and the development of the mining industry during Japanese occupied time with the key role that copper plays in humanity’s past, present and future.


Copper was the first metal to be used by humans. It is used widely for household objects, weaponry, electrical conductors, etc. and has changed our lives on a massive scale. The work is made in the online game Minecraft. With collaboration from the gaming community, we created the terrain of Jinguashi, the 13-level remains of Copper Refinery, and the Four Joined Japanese-style Residence. The narration for the video was made with Google Text-to-Speech, act as a guide in the game to help the audience immerse in the history of Jinguashi and its connections with the rest of the world.


In the real world, copper has propelled human society from ancient times to the Information Age, and the technology developed in the Information Age further allows us to do mining and construction in the virtual world of Minecraft. This is an Internet of Things built on minerals. With copper as an overarching theme, Mineral Crafts attempts to expand the historical context of a single region into a history of technology that chronicles the symbiosis of people and objects.

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